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Jonathan Clarke and Robin Andrews form the dynamic creative duo behind Eklectics.

Their partnership blends Clarke's expertise as a Director of Photography and producer with Andrews' mastery in animation, editing, and sound design. Together, they synergize their talents to craft immersive and unforgettable cinematic experiences.



As life-long friends, Jonathan Clarke & Robin Andrews' working relationship started in their teens as musicians and since then, they've spent their entire lives shaping and melding their abilities to become the film production powerhouse they are today. 


Founded in 2020 by visionary artists, Eklectics stands as a beacon of creativity and collaboration in the realm of filmmaking.

With a shared passion for storytelling and innovation, Clarke and Andrews are on a journey to create a space

where artistic freedom reigns supreme.

Eklectics believe in the power of collaboration and the magic that happens when diverse talents converge.

The mission is simple yet profound: to push the boundaries of creativity, to inspire through storytelling,

and to create works that resonate deeply with audiences worldwide.


Producer | DOP | Eklectics Co-Founder

Jonathan Clarke, a luminary in the realm of filmmaking, serves as the driving force behind Eklectics Film Company. With an illustrious career as a Director of Photography and producer, Clarke brings a wealth of experience and expertise to every project. His keen eye for detail, coupled with a deep understanding of visual storytelling, ensures that each frame captured by his lens is imbued with meaning and emotion. Clarke's passion for his craft is matched only by his dedication to pushing creative boundaries and delivering excellence in every endeavor. As a co-owner of Eklectics, he remains steadfast in his commitment to inspiring audiences and fellow filmmakers alike through the power of storytelling.


Animator | Editor | Sound Designer | Eklectics Co-Founder

Robin Andrews, the creative virtuoso behind Eklectics Film Company, wears many hats with aplomb. As an animator, editor, and sound designer, Andrews infuses every project with a distinct sense of artistry and innovation. Their ability to breathe life into visuals and evoke emotions through sound elevates Eklectics' work to new heights. With a keen understanding of narrative structure and a flair for experimentation, Andrews brings a fresh perspective to each collaboration. Their versatility and boundless creativity make them an invaluable asset to Eklectics, embodying the spirit of exploration and artistic expression that defines the company's ethos.

Our combined experience working at a high level for premium clientele has brought us collaborations with premiership football clubs, public services, architects & developers, music labels, event promoters, environmental companies, restaurants, gyms, medical research teams, livestream companies, talent agencies and of course so many more industries and creatives. We've made some good friends along the way...

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